About Us

About Us

Udayanath Public School is a fast growing and leading public school under aegis of Udayashree Foundation .The inception of the school dates back to 1999.Far from mading crowd, amidst the flush of greenery, the school lies in the golden triangle of Odisha. The upcoming and sprawling campus casts an everlasting impression on any casual visitors. The school has been graduated from Nursery to X and has never looked back. It has been duly accorded NOC by the Govt. Of Odisha in School and Mass Education Department.

Over the past few years, the school has striven to promote a proper understanding of Education with ultimate aim of contributing both qualitatively and quantitatively. Education has been managed here in an atmosphere of utmost intellectual rigor and seriousness of purpose .The plan and programmers has been followed meticulously and executed with great sensitivity.

Udayanath Public School as it stands to-day has more than 400 students with 20 nos. of experienced, highly qualified, trained and resourceful faculty members.


Mission and Vision

We thrive with the vision and mission of late U.N. Dash, the founder and architect of the institution .The school provides vibrant academic challenging environment in order to foster intellectual curiosity and sense of responsibilities among the learners. We aim at holistic development of students apart from academic excellency. We emphasize on cognitive development, value education, inculcation of good conduct and behaviour. Our endeavour is to provide a child-friendly academic climate and help them learn and cultivate the spirit of friendship. Equality, discipline, inquisitiveness and human values. We believe in the guiding principles “Let Learning be Joyous, meaningful, fun and relevant”.

Goals and Directives

The School believes that students must be an active participant in the teaching learning process. It believes at helping child to grow and develop every aspects of his personality. We prepare students to be disciplined,fearless,courteous,environment friendly, patriotic and intellectual .We inculcate in them the pride of being an Indian to love the cultural heritage and matrix of India, National traditions, values and ideas.